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  • Figure 1. Population change in Helsinki by sub-district 2013–2023.

Helsinki: Key trends in figures and charts

Helsinki in 2013: Recent trends and new developments

Helsinki is one of the fastest growing metropolisies in Europe. New areas for living and business are rising especially in areas formerly occupied by logistical and industrial functions.

Figure 2. Population of Helsinki and Helsinki Region 1985–2013 and projection through 2050.


 Figure 3. Foreign-language population by district 2009–2012, proportion and change relative to city-level.

Figure 4. Foreign nationals and foreign-language speakers in Helsinki 1985–2013.

Figure 5. Specialisation of the economic structure of Helsinki in comparison to Finland, 2012.

Figure 6. Jobs by branch in Helsinki 2012.

Figure 7 (left). Satisfaction with public transport in EU capitals. Figure 8 (right). "I feel safe in the city". Level of agreement in EU capitals.

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