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Article |  12/28/2020Pekka Vuori

Helsinki area housing production breaks records

In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, 2019 turned out to be a record year in housing production. A total of 16,056 dwellings were completed in the three big cities of the metro area – Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa – a number clearly exceeding any previous annual output.

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Quarterly 2/2019 |  06/26/2019Pekka Vuori

Helsinki Region continues to draw people in

Finland's population growth has slowed down to nearly record-low levels. In the Helsinki Region, growth has meanwhile remained rapid. In all of Finland, population is expected to grow until 2035, but in the capital region the growth is set to continue until the end of the current projection period in 2050.

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Quarterly 4/2014 |  02/06/2015Pekka Vuori

Development of the elderly population in Helsinki

Currently almost 100,000 people aged over 65 live in Helsinki, equivalent to 16 per cent of the city’s population. This figure is expected to reach 20 per cent by 2032. The population of Helsinki is ageing rapidly but not as fast as the entire Finnish population.

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Quarterly 3/2013 |  03/13/2013Pekka Vuori

Development of young population groups in Helsinki

In Helsinki, the number of young people aged 12 to 29 began to increase strongly during the recession of the 1990s, and today there are nearly a quarter, 30,000 people, more of them than in 1993.

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