About Kvartti in print and online

Contact information:

Editor-in-chief Timo Cantell, tel. +358 (0)9 310 73362, timo.cantell@hel.fi 

Editor Teemu Vass, tel. +358 (0)9 310 64806, teemu.vass@hel.fi

Kvartti is a quarterly journal providing current research findings, comparative urban knowledge and statistical information about Helsinki and the Helsinki Region. Kvartti is published by the City of Helsinki.

The purpose of the journal is both to support decision-making and planning in Helsinki as well as to serve anyone interested in urban phenomena.

Kvartti appears as a bilingual publication with identical content in Finnish and Swedish, with the exception of one English-language issue per year (Helsinki Quarterly).

Full title: Kvartti: Helsingin kaupungin tietokeskuksen neljännesvuosijulkaisu.

ISSN 0788-1576 (print), ISSN 1796-7279 (PDF)

Kvartti online journal can be accessed at www.kvartti.fi. The online journal contains all articles published in Kvartti in print. The online journal is trilingual: the majority of the content is in Finnish and Swedish, whilst all articles published in Helsinki Quarterly in English are also available online.

The online journal also contains a blog (in Finnish) dealing with urban research and knowledge related to Helsinki. All print issues of Kvartti since 2013 can be browsed also in PDF format on the website. Older issues of Kvartti can be accessed here

Article guidelines

The length of your article should be typically about 4–5 pages (1,700 words / 15,000 characters). You can write in Finnish, Swedish or English.

• Start with a lead paragraph/abstract, summarising your topic and key findings in a few brief lines.

• The focus of your article should be on research findings and discussion rather than literature and method. Use descriptive headings and subheadings, rather than labelling your subsections ‘Background’, ‘Discussion’, ‘Conclusions’ etc.

• Use a space between paragraphs and do not indent.  Body text should be left-justified. Do not use hyphenation at the end of lines.

• Cite your references by including the name of the author followed by the year of publication (and page number) in brackets in the text (e.g. Karisto & Monten 1996, 25). Do not use numbered references or sub-/superscript. Provide a bibliography at the end of the article in alphabetical order.

• If your article contains figures, tables or maps, please provide the appropriate numerical data in a separate Excel file. Keep the captions and axis labels brief as they may be printed in a bilingual format.

• Photographs are desirable and should be submitted as high resolution (≥ 300 DPI) JPG or TIFF files.

Send your manuscript with attachments (photographs, data tables etc.) to the editor: teemu.vass(at)hel.fi.

The author will receive a payment of up to €300 for any article published in print. Articles scheduled for print publication may be published online independent of the print schedule of Kvartti.

 The 2022 publication schedule for Kvartti (in print) is as follows:

Issue#          Article deadline      Publication date                 Language

1/2022          15 Feb 2022              Apr 2022                          Finnish & Swedish

2/2022          13 May 2022             Aug 2022                           Finnish & Swedish

3/2022          5 Aug 2022            Oct  2022                            English

4/2022          14 Oct 2022             Dec 2022                           Finnish & Swedish